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For example, Sebastian is always hesitant to go on adventures with Ariel because he wants to stay as far away from danger as possible.


Like a Taurus, Sebastian looks before he jumps, making him an excellent, stable sidekick to balance out the free-spirited Ariel. Meeko, like a Gemini, fears all things boring, which is why he is constantly running around and getting into trouble. His carefree attitude makes him the perfect adventure buddy for Pocahontas. Cancers are defensive individuals. They are always looking out for themselves, their friends, and their families, like Tinker Bell always has Peter Pan's back.

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Although they can come across as rude and hard to get to know, if you can gain their trust, you will see that there is more to them than their hard exteriors. Tinker Bell and other Cancers are secretively really caring people. Pascal is a Leo because he is warm and positive. Whenever Rapuznel gets sad about not being able to leave her tower, Pascal is quick to give her encouragement.

Also like a Leo, Pascal can be a leader when he needs to by pushing Rapunzel to make the right decisions. Genie is a Virgo because he loves to do things for others. Every single time Aladdin needs some help, Genie is there to do whatever he can, which usually includes granting wishes. Genie is also a busy individual with immense talent and a good judge of character. Libra: OLAF. Like a Libra, Olaf is very chill.

No matter how crazy things get, he is able to just go with the flow. Olaf and other Libras know how to enjoy life and stop to smell the flowers every once in a while. Because Olaf is so relaxed, others find him incredible charming and sweet. Kronk is a Scorpio because he is dedicated and responsible. When he is given a task, he makes sure to do it to the best of his ability.

Also like a Scorpio, Kronk knows how to show his emotional side every once in a while.

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Sagittarius: DORY. Dory makes a great Sagittarius because she is open-minded and frank. She always tells others exactly what is on her mind. Dory is super caring as well, which makes her a great listener.

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Even though friends are very important to Dory and other Sagittarii, they also love their freedom. You see challenges as opportunities and they motivate you to succeed.

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Some struggles in life are important in making you appreciate the good fortune do you experience. If things were to always come easy you could become seduced by luxury, glamour and too much good living. Natal Sun sextile Jupiter makes you a philosophical person with wide knowledge and interest in politics, religion or spirituality, travel and education. You work well in groups and would find satisfaction becoming involved in your community through social welfare or championing some moral or ethical issue. Sun sextile Jupiter transit brings optimism, good luck and happiness.

Depending on whether you believe in fate or free will, you either get lucky or your positive thinking attracts good fortune. Either way, this is one of the most fortunate of all transits in astrology. This is an ideal time to reach your goals as there should be little or no resistance. Starting new projects will benefit from the growth and expansion of Jupiter.

Others will be generous and hospitable toward you, especially Jupiter type people like judges and other authority figures. The growth you experience can be material and spiritual, with opportunities coming your way to increase your wealth. Other means to expand your horizons may include further education and long distance travel.

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Such things started now should turn out to be successful. This transit also favors group activities. Your jovial nature would make you a valued addition to social groups but also other more organized groups like committees or councils. I think the sextile is more Mercurial than Jupiterian. But it does have something in common with it as Jupiter and Mercury are both thinkers. Jupiter is more philosophical and the bigger picture, where as Mercury is more about connections and details. The sextile has that quicksilver, flitty, witty quality about it. So sextiles to Jupiter could make great stand up comedians and raconteurs.

Like Mercury, the sextile can go either way, so thats where the sextiles unpredictabilty comes in. I think it does have a dark side, like the evil twin Pollux. But its a sort of trickster, joker, playful one when mixed with Jupiter. I have this aspect.

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I can say it give me optimism, positive thinking what helps me a lot in life. As if you were talking about me and I was blessed by a great and loving father too. Having a the sun sextile jupiter is a fortune to us from the lord.

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